Consumer Technology Association Standards Development Procedures

All participants in CTA's ANSI-accredited standards development activities must follow the rules described in CTA-EP-23, as well as the requirements described in the CTA Legal Guides.

CTA-EP-23-U Technology & Standards Procedures Manual (effective November 2022)
CTA-EP-24-D Manual for Organization and Style of Standards and Bulletins (effective May 2020)
CTA Document Template CTA Document Template for document editors (effective May 2020)
CTA Legal Guides CTA Legal Guides
IP Proffer Patent Holder Form (From CTA-EP-23-U)
Copyright Permission Form Copyright Permission Form (From CTA-EP-23-U)
Committee Chair Guide Quick Reference Guide for CTA Standards Committee Chairs
Committee WG Chair Guide Quick Reference Guide for CTA Standards WG Chairs
Microsoft Word 2010 Official word processing software for CTA standards development
Terms and Conditions Term and Conditions to attend CTA meetings - National Cyber Label Workshop