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CTA works to grow the consumer technology industry by developing essential industry standards and recommended practices. These documents facilitate interoperability between products, help people compare product performance in an apples-to-apples manner, and help manufacturers ensure that they are providing consumers with a desirable user experience across product makes and models.

Below is a list of our published documents, organized by the committee responsible for the document.

R3 Audio Systems Committee

CTA-CEB 19 (Withdrawn) Aug 2007 Recommended Loudspeaker Safety Practices – An Industry Guideline  Preview     Buy
CTA-11 S-2014 Jun 2004 Turntable Measurement Standard  Preview     Buy
CTA-426-B S-2016
Jul 1998
Loudspeakers, Optimum Amplifier Power
--> See also: Test CD from ALMA International
CTA-490-A R-2008 Dec 2001 Test Methods of Measurement for Audio Amplifiers  Preview     Buy
CTA-560 S-2016 Jun 1990 Standard Method of Measurement for Compact Disc Players  Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2006-B Jul 2009 Testing & Measurement Methods for Mobile Audio Amplifiers Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2010-B Dec 2014 Standard Method of Measurement for Powered Subwoofers  Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2015 R-2017 May 2007 Mobile Electronics Cabling Standard Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2031 R-2014
Sep 2008
Testing and Measurement Methods for Mobile Loudspeaker Systems
--> See also: CEA-2031 Errata (3/2007)
ANSI/CTA-2034-A Feb 2015 Standard Method of Measurement for In-Home Loudspeakers  Preview     Buy
CTA-TR-11 Dec 2015 Study of Audio Loudness Range for Consumer in Various Listening Modes and Ambient Noise Levels       Free

R4 Video Systems Committee

CTA-23-B R-2014 Apr 2010 Measurement Procedures for Determining Compliance with FCC Rules for "Cable-Ready Consumer Electronics Equipment" Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-109-D R-2015 May 2010 Intermediate Frequencies for Entertainment Receivers Preview     Buy
CTA-542-D Jun 2013 Cable Television Channel Identification Plan Preview     Buy
CTA-544-C R-2014 Apr 2010 Low Frequency Immunity of Tuners in A Cable System Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-639 (Withdrawn) Feb 2015 Consumer Camcorder or Video Camera Low Light Performance Preview     Buy
Nov 2014
TV Receiving Antenna Performance Presentation and Measurement
--> See also: ANSI/CEA-774-B Interpretation (12/22/2010)
ANSI/CTA-909-B R-2016 Jan 2011 Antenna Control Interface Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-2013-A (Withdrawn) Jul 2007 Digital STB Background Power Consumption Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-2022 (Withdrawn) Jul 2007 Digital STB Active Power Consumption Measurement Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2028-B Nov 2014 Color Codes for Outdoor TV Receiving Antennas Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2032-B Nov 2014 Indoor TV Receiving Antenna Performance Standard Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2037-B Feb 2018 Determination of Television Set Power Consumption Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2038 R2017 Nov 2012 Command–Driven Analog IR-Synchronized Active Eyewear Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2041 Jun 2012 Standard for a Round Tactile Indicator Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2043 Aug 2013 Set-top Box (STB) Power Measurement Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB3 R-2009 (Withdrawn) Aug 1998 Recommended Practice for Camcorder Specifications Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB4 S-2013 Aug 1998 Recommended Practice for VCR Specifications Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB11-C Jan 2015 NTSC/ATSC Loudness Matching Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB16-B Jul 2017 Active Format Description (AFD) & Bar Data Recommended Practice Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB20 R-2013 Jul 2009 A/V Synchronization Processing Recommended Practice Preview     Buy
Dec 2016 Best Practices for Implementing Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Based Alerts for Consumer Electronics Devices Preview
CTA-CEB26-B Nov 2014 Mobile/Handheld DTV Implementation Guidelines Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB27 Dec 2016 Recommended Practice for Audio Accessibility of Audiovisual Devices Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB32.3 Dec 2017 Recommended Practice for ATSC 3.0 Television Sets, Logical Layer Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB32.4 Dec 2017 Recommended Practice for ATSC 3.0 Television Sets, Video Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB32.5 Jun 2017 Recommended Practice for ATSC 3.0 Television Sets, Audio Preview     Buy
CTA-TVSB5 S-2015 Jul 1985 Multi-Channel TV Sound System BTSC System Recommended Practices Preview     Buy
CTA-TR-1 Jun 2012 Home Illumination Study       Free

R4.3 TV Data Systems Committee

CTA-516 S-2013 May 1988 Joint EIA/CVCC Recommended Practice for Teletext: North American Basic Teletext Specification (NABTS) Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-608-E R-2014 Apr 2008 Line 21 Data Services Preview IP  FAQ Buy
ANSI/CTA-708-E Aug 2013 Digital Television (DTV) Closed Captioning Preview    FAQ Buy
ANSI/CTA-708.1 R-2017 Oct 2012 Digital Television (DTV) Closed Captioning: 3D Extensions Preview  IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-766-D Dec 2013 U.S. and Canadian Region Rating Tables (RRT) and Content Advisory Descriptors for Transport of Content Advisory Information Using ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) Preview IP   Buy
ANSI-J-STD-42-B (CTA-814-B) Oct 2013 Emergency Alert Messaging for Cable Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2020 R-2014 Dec 2007 Other VBI Waveforms Preview IP   Buy
ANSI-J-STD-70 (CTA-2035) Apr 2010 Emergency Alert Metadata for the Home Network Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB12-B R-2015 Apr 2010 DTV Recommended Practice for Locating and Navigating among ATSC Television Channels (Including PSIP Recommendations) Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB21-A Oct 2016 Recommended Practice for Selection and Presentation of DTV Audio Preview     Buy
CTA-TR-3 Feb 2013 Closed Captioning in IP-delivered Video Programming       Free
DTVCC Set   CEA DTV Closed Captioning Set       Buy
DTVCC DVD   CEA DTV Closed Captioning DVD       Buy

R4.8 DTV Interface Committee

CTA-679-C R-2013 Oct 2005 National Renewable Security Standard (NRSS) Preview IP   Buy
CTA-761-B S-2017 May 2007 DTV Remodulator Specification with Enhanced OSD Capability Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-762-B R-2015 Jul 2009 DTV Remodulator Specification Preview     Buy
CTA-770.2-D S-2017 Apr 2007 Standard Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface Preview     Buy
CTA-770.3-E R-2017 Jun 2013 High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-775-C R-2013 Sep 2008 DTV 1394 Interface Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-775.2-A R-2013 Aug 2008 Service Selection Information for Digital Storage Media Interoperability Preview     Buy
CTA-796-A S-2017 Oct 2005 NRSS Copy Protection Systems Preview IP   Buy
CTA-799-A S-2017 Jul 2006 On-Screen Display Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-805-E Aug 2013 Data Services on the Component Video Interfaces Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-818-E (Withdrawn) Aug 2005 Cable Compatibility Requirements Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-849-B R-2013 Oct 2008 Application Profiles for CEA-775 Compliant DTVs Preview     Buy
CTA-861-E Mar 2008 A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High Speed Digital Interfaces FREE     FREE
CTA-861-F Aug 2013 A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High Speed Digital Interfaces FREE     FREE
CTA-861-G Nov 2016 A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High Speed Digital Interfaces FREE     FREE
CTA-861.1 Aug 2010 Audio Format Extensions Preview     Buy
CTA-861.2 Aug 2015 Advanced Audio Extensions Preview     Buy
CTA-861.3-A Jul 2016 HDR Static Metadata Extensions Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2040 Jul 2011 SD Card Common Interface Standard Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2053 Aug 2015 Receiver Specifications for ATSC 2.0 Security Preview     Buy
CTA-CEB5-B S-2017 May 2007 Recommended Practice for DTV Receiver "Monitor" Mode Capability Preview     Buy

R5 Antennas Committee

CTA's Antennas Committee was deactivated in 2012. Its three standards, ANSI/CTA-774-B, ANSI/CTA-2028-A and ANSI/CTA-2032-A are now being maintained by CEA's Video Systems Committee. The listings for these three standards may be found above.

R6 Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee

ANSI/CTA-803-B R-2017 Nov 2012 Mobile Electronics Wiring Designations for Audio and Vehicle Security/ Convenience Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-885 R-2013 Apr 2007 Remote Starter Safety Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-936-A (Withdrawn) R-2013 Apr 2007 USB Carkit Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2003-C R-2013 Feb 2007 Digital Audiobook File Format and Player Requirements Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-2009-B R-2016 Nov 2010 Performance Specification for Public Alert Receivers  Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-2017-A R-2016 Feb 2010 Common Interconnection for Portable Media Players Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-2017.1 R-2013 Nov 2007 Serial Communication Protocol for Portable Electronic Devices Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2042.1-B Aug 2015 Wireless Power Glossary of Terms Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2042.3 Feb 2018 Methods of Measurement for Power Transfer Efficiency and Standby Power of Wireless Power Systems Preview     Buy
Jan 2017
Personal Sound Amplification Performance Criteria
April 2017
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Serial Numbers
CTA-CEB18 R-2017 Jan 2007 Recommended Practice for Transmitter Control and Status Indication in Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDs) Preview     Buy
Apr 2016
Recommendations for Pre-owned or Refurbished Mobile Devices Preview
CTA-TR-2-A June 2015 RF Emission Regulations and Applicability to Inductive Wireless Power Systems       FREE
CTA-TR-6 Dec 2014 Keeping Your Eyes on the Road: What the CE Industry is Doing to Help You Drive Safely       FREE
MOBILE SET   CTA Mobile Electronics Set       Buy

R6.3 Wireless Power Committee

CTA's Wireless Power Committee was deactivated in 2016. Its two standards, ANSI/CTA-2042.1-B and CTA-TR-2-A are now being maintained by CTA's Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee. The listings for two standards may be found above.

R6.4 Health Fitness & Wellness Subcommittee

ANSI/CTA/NSF-2052.1 Sep 2016 Definitions and Characteristics for Wearable Sleep Monitors Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA/NSF-2052.2 Sep 2017 Methodology of Measurements for Features in Sleep Tracking Consumer Technology Devices and Applications Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2056 Oct 2016 Physical Activity Monitoring for Fitness Wearables: Step Counting Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2060 Nov 2017 Standard for Consumer EEG File Format (Attuned Container Format) Preview     Buy
CTA-2065 Jan 2018 Physical Activity Monitoring for Heart Rate Preview     Buy

R7 Consumer Electronics Networking Committee

ANSI/CTA-709.1-D Apr 2014 Control Network Protocol Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-709.2-A S-2017 Jun 2000 Control Network Power Line (PL) Channel Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-709.3 R-2015 Dec 1999 Free-Topology Twisted-Pair Channel Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-709.4 Feb 2013 Fiber-Optic Channel Specification Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-709.5 Sep 2015 Control Networking Protocol Specification Part 5: Implementation-Application-Layer-Guidelines Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-709.6 Sep 2015 Control Networking Protocol Specification Part 6: Application Elements Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-851-A Jul 2006 Versatile Home Network Preview     Buy
CTA-851.1-A R-2014 Feb 2009 IP-Based Digital Telephony for the Versatile Home Network Preview     Buy
CTA-851.2-A Mar 2011 Security Services for the Versatile Home Network Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-852-C Apr 2014 Tunneling Device Area Network Protocols over Internet Protocol Channels Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-852.1-A Apr 2014 Enhanced Protocol for Tunneling Component Network Protocols Over Internet Protocol Channels Preview     Buy


Dec 2002
 Device Plug-In Interface to EIA/CTA-709.1 Network Tools
--> See also: CTA-860-A Supplemental Support Files
 Preview      Buy
ANSI/CTA-931-C S-2018 Dec 2007 Remote Control Command Pass-through Standard for Home Networking Preview IP   Buy
CTA-2002-A Feb 2009 Test Procedure for Powerline Carrier Technology Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2005 R-2013 Aug 2006 AV Adapter to Connect Ethernet and 1394 Devices Preview IP   Buy
ANSI/CTA-2014-B Jan 2011 Web-based Protocol and Framework for Remote User Interface on UPnP� Networks and the Internet (Web4CE) Preview IP   Buy
CTA-2018 R2016

Mar 2008
Task Model Description (CE TASK 1.0)
--> See also: Machine-readable schema file in .rnc format
--> See also: Machine-readable schema file in .xsd format


CTA-2027-B Oct 2007 A User Interface for Home Networks Using Web-based Protocols Preview     Buy
CTA-2033 R2016 Mar 2008 OpenEPGTM - A Specification for Electronic Program Guide Data Interchange Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA-2048 Dec 2014 Host and Router Profiles for IPv6  Preview    


ANSI/CTA-2049 Feb 2015 Determination of Small Network Equipment Average Energy Consumption  Preview    


CTA-TR-4 Jun 2014 Guidelines for Adding Strong Encryption and Authentication to Applications using ANSI/CEA-709.1       Free
CTA-TR-12 Nov 2015 Securing Connected Devices for Consumers in the Home       Free
White Paper Apr 2004 Power Management for A/V Network-Capable Devices       Free
Technical Paper Jul 2006 Home Network Wireless Technologies Evaluation: Phase I Report Comparison of Technology Performance Characteristics to Consumer Application Needs       Free

R7.8 Modular Communication Interface for Energy Management Committee

ANSI/CTA-2045-A March 2018 Modular Communications Interface for Energy Management  Preview IP   


 ANSI/CTA-2045 Amendment 1  Jul 2014  Modular Communications Interface for Energy Management  Preview IP   


 ANSI/CTA-2045.1  Jul 2014  Modular Communications Interface for Firmware Transfer Message Set  Preview    


 ANSI/CTA-2045.2  Jul 2014  Modular Communications Interface for Generic Display Message Set  Preview    


 ANSI/CTA-2045.3  Aug 2014  Modular Communications Interface for Thermostat Message Set  Preview    


 ANSI/CTA-2047  Aug 2014  CE Energy Usage Information (CE-EUI)  Preview    


R10 Residential Systems Committee

ANSI-J-STD-710 (CTA/CEDIA-2039) Jan 2015 Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard
--> See also: J-STD-710 Architectural Drawing Symbols Electronic Symbols Software - a ready-to-use set of electronic files (.ZIP) in six formats (.dwg, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, .vss) of all symbols that are referenced in the ANSI-J-STD-710.
If you are a developer and wish to incorporate these symbols into computer software, a one-time license fee of $1,500 is required. Please contact CTA at for further details.
ANSI/CTA/CEDIA-863-B Feb 2011 Connection Color Codes for Home Theater Systems Preview     Buy
CTA-896-A R-2010 Jul 2010 Standard Method of Measurement for Digital Versatile Disc - Video Players Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA/CEDIA-897 Jun 2010 F-Connector Color Coding for Home Television Systems Preview     Buy
ANSI/CTA/CEDIA-2030-A Feb 2011 Multi-Room Audio Cabling Standard Preview     Buy
CTA/CEDIA-CEB17-A Aug 2012 A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide for Residential Speaker Systems Preview     Buy
CTA/CEDIA-CEB22 Mar 2009 Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design Preview     Buy
CTA/CEDIA-CEB23-B Mar 2017 Home Theater Video Design Preview     Buy
CTA/CEDIA-CEB24-A Jun 2017 Home Theater HVAC Preview     Buy
CTA/CEDIA-CEB29 Mar 2012 Recommended Practice for the Installation of Smart Grid Devices Preview     Buy
MULTI-ROOM AUDIO SET   CEA Multi-Room Audio Set       Buy

Special Publications

MSG Report Oct 2010 Metadata Lifecycle and Framework Whitepaper       Free
NTC Report No. 7 Jan 1976 Video Facility Testing Technical Performance Objectives       Free