How To Join

Anyone, except a member of the press, is eligible to join a Consumer Technology Association (CTA) standards committee. For members of CTA there is no charge to participate in CTA standards activities. For companies or individuals who are not members of CTA there is an annual fee for participation in CTA standards activities. Here's how to join:

Consumer Technology Association Members

Employees of companies that are members of CTA may create their own accounts and add themselves to any groups they would like to join. To create an account you must have a valid email address that uses an email domain (e.g., that is associated with your company.

People Not Employed by Consumer Technology Association Member Companies

People who do not work for companies that are members of CTA must pay an annual participation fee. This fee is based on your company's annual revenue. For details about the fee, and to sign up, please visit our non-CTA member standards committee sign-up page. If you are interested in becoming a member of CTA, and thus receiving all of the benefits available to members of CTA including among other things access to all of our standards groups at no additional charge, please visit the main CTA website.

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