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* R4.3 Teleconference & Webcast (Conference Call)
Name * R4.3 Teleconference & Webcast (Conference Call)
Time Tuesday, 14 August 2012, 12:00pm to 02:00pm EDT
Tuesday, 14 August 2012, 09:00am to 11:00am PDT
Location 1-888-325-3976 (toll free) or 1-719-457-1076
Call-in number: 888-325-3976 (Toll Free) or +1 719-457-1076 (Toll/International)
Participant Code: 798439
MUTE / UNMUTE—Use *6 to mute or unmute your line during this call as needed.
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2. 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time, click on the link below.

Go to:  
3. On the Sign-In page, please sign in as GUEST and enter your company name in brackets followed by your first and last name. Example: [Company] John Doe.
No audio recording will be permitted. This meeting will be conducted in compliance with CEA Legal Guides and EP-23-M Standards Development Procedures (see Participants are expected to read and be familiar with those requirements.



1) Call to Order/Introductions

2) Quorum Determination

3) Approve Agenda

4) Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

5) Action Item Status

a) Action 1 – Draft a cover letter to go along with WG8 report so that both it and

the report can be delivered to SMPTE with a suggestion that SMPTE look into

answering the question, "how does an updated 608to708 encoder adjust or not

adjust a reemitted 608 data stream?" (Goldberg)

b) Action 2 Action – Invite DVS folks to participate in WG13. (Belt)

c) Action 3 – Wilson (CEA) will create a WG page in Kavi for the new timed text

working group.

6) Working Group Reports

7) Upcoming 5year Review

8) Other Matters

9) Next Meeting Agenda

10) Schedule Additional Meetings

11) Adjourn

Submitter / Contact Mr. Mark Levine
Group R04.03 Television Data Systems Subcommittee
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Meeting Attendees   Spreadsheet
Company ascending Name Interest Category Role
AT&T Inc Phyllis Anderson General Interest Member
Charter Communications Don Watson User Member
Comcast Cable Jerry Parkins General Interest Member
Consumer Electronics Association Bill Belt Guest
Consumer Electronics Association Mark Levine Manager
Consumer Electronics Association Brian Markwalter Member
Consumer Electronics Association Dave Wilson Member
Cox Enterprises, Inc. Steve Watkins User Member
DIRECTV Inc. Producer Member
Dolby Laboratories Inc. Oren Williams General Interest Member
EchoStar Satellite, L.L.C. John Card II Producer Member
Ericsson Matthew Goldman General Interest Member
Hitachi Paul Thomsen Producer Member
Home Box Office (HBO) Andres Colpa User Member
LG Electronics Wayne Luplow Producer Member
Motion Picture Association of America Andrea Avila Weiler General Interest Member
Motorola Mobility, Inc. Yeqing Wang General Interest Member
National Association of Broadcasters Art Allison General Interest Member
National Cable Telecommunications Assoc. Jeffrey Krauss General Interest Member
Nielsen Michael Dolan User Member
Panasonic Corporation Will Ikeda Producer Member
Quantum Data, Inc. Mark Stockfisch General Interest Member
Samsung Electronics Martin Freeman Producer Member
Sony Electronics Inc. Robert Blanchard Producer Member
Sony Electronics Inc. Mark Eyer Producer Member
Technicolor Peter Kaars General Interest Member
Toshiba Daniel Young Producer Member
TP Vision Holding B.V. Leo Rozendaal General Interest Member
W W Johnston Technologies, LLC Warner Johnston General Interest Member

Meeting Statistics
Quorum rule 51% of voting companies
Achieved quorum yes
Individual Attendance Guest Attendees: 1
Contributing Members: 28 of 79 (35%)
Voting Members: 25 of 69 (36%)
Company Attendance Contributing Companies: 25 of 48 (52%)
Voting Companies: 24 of 44 (54%) (used for quorum calculation)