Public Groups Area

Group Name Group Description
CTA Master Calendar This group's only purpose is to house the master calendar for all CTA standards meetings.
Future Standards Working Group Observe trends within the Consumer Technology Industry in order to discover opportunities for new CTA projects with the goal of identifying new work.
NRSC AFAB AM & FM Analog Broadcasting Subcommittee The AM & FM Analog Broadcasting Subcommittee develops standards and guidelines for analog broadcasting systems.
NRSC AFAB DMWG Document Maintenance Working Group The Document Maintenance Working Group reviews documents in need of periodic review that fall under the scope of the AM & FM Analog Broadcasting Subcommittee.
NRSC DRB Digital Radio Broadcast Subcommittee The Digital Radio Broadcast Subcommittee develops standards and guidelines for digital radio broadcasting in the AM and FM broadcast bands.
NRSC DRB ISDWG IBOC Standards Development Working Group The IBOC Standards Development Working Group develops in-band, on-channel (IBOC) digital radio broadcasting standards and guidelines for consideration by the NRSC Digital Radio Broadcast Subcommittee.
NRSC National Radio Systems Committee The National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) is jointly sponsored by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Through its subcommittees it develops standards and guidelines for both analog and digital radio broadcasting in the AM and FM broadcast bands.
NRSC RBDS Radio Broadcast Data System Subcommittee The Radio Broadcast Data System Subcommittee maintains the U.S. version of the international RDS standard, which describes a system for transmitting data at approximately 1200 bits per second over the 57 kHz subcarrier of an analog FM broadcast signal.
NRSC RBDS RUWG RDS Usage Working Group The RDS Usage Working Group develops recommendations about RDS-related standards and guidelines for consideration by the NRSC RBDS Subcommittee.
R03 Audio Systems Committee The Audio Systems Committee (R03) establishes standards for consumer audio equipment and other consumer devices that provide audio as part of the device functionality.
R03 WG01 Sound Measurement R03 WG01 develops standards and documents that address loudspeaker measurement.
R04 Video Systems Committee R04 develops and maintains interface, interoperability, measurement and functionality standards and bulletins for television video technologies and fosters communication within the television engineering community of related activities and regulatory issues.
R04 WG08 NTSC/ATSC Loudness Matching R4 WG8 develops and maintains documents related to the matching of loudness levels between NTSC and ATSC signals.
R04 WG10 Document Maintenance R04 WG10 reviews and recommends reaffirmation, revision, stabilization or withdrawal of published R04 standards scheduled for review.
R04 WG13 STB and TV Energy Consumption R04 WG13 develops energy standards for devices and systems within the scope of R04.
R04 WG14 AFD & Bar Data WG14 will revise CEA-CEB16, Active Format Description (AFD) & Bar Data Recommended Practice, for consideration by R4.
R04 WG15 A/V Synchronization R4 WG15 develops and maintains documents related to the synchronization of audio and video signals.
R04 WG16 3D Technologies R4 WG16 monitors 3D television activity and reports on possible future standardization opportunities, and develops and maintains standards, bulletins and other documents related to 3D technology.
R04 WG17 RF Cable Compatibility R4WG17 establishes and maintains CTA standards for RF interface between cable television systems and consumer electronics products
R04 WG18 Receivers for Next Generation Broadcast Television R4 WG18 develops standards, recommended practices and technical reports on receiver guidelines, profiles and characteristics.
R04 WG19 Accessibility R4WG19 addresses standards and bulletins related to accessibility.
R04 WG20 Streaming Media Quality of Experience (QoE) WG20 develops documents addressing streaming media playback quality of experience.
R04.03 Television Data Systems Subcommittee R04.03 establishes standards and guidelines for the delivery and preservation of closed captions and certain other data delivered to the consumer via television signals, and to facilitate the use of television signals to deliver such data and services to the home.
R04.03 WG01 DTV Closed Captioning R4.3WG1 develops CTA Standards, Bulletins and test materials related to ATSC closed captioning.
R04.03 WG01 TG01 3D Captioning Testing R04.03 WG01 TG01 will advise R04.03 WG01 on 3D closed captioning testing issues.
R04.03 WG08 Line 21 Data Service
R04.03 WG09 Region Rating Tables WG9 addresses issues related to content advisories.
R04.03 WG10 PSIP Recommended Practice R4.3 WG10 maintains standards and recommended practices pertaining to locating and navigating among ATSC television channels
R04.03 WG12 DTV Audio Metadata Normalization WG12 will produce documents describing recommended DTV receiver behavior in processing audio metadata transmitted within the broadcast streams and consider development of example material.
R04.03 WG13 EAS R4.3 WG13 develops and maintains documents regarding emergency alerting as it applies to devices within the scope of R4.
R04.03 WG14 Display Advertising Survey the requirements and develop standards or bulletins for enabling advertising unit display, including dimensions,color palette, format, and click through behavior for televisions and televisionconnected devices
R04.03 WG15 Internet Protocol Delivered Captions The main activity involves studying the methods for signaling and transport of the SMPTE‐TT essence in an MP4 file wrapper. The Ultraviolet Common File Format, which is well established and appropriate for IP‐delivered video programming, should be considered since it defines a derivation of SMPTE‐TT. In addition, the VPAAC SMPTE‐TT recommendation should be considered, while maintaining liaison with SMPTE and other organizations as needed, which would be used to provide guidance for the CE and related industries including which parts of SMPTE‐TT would be used and in what way. The VPAAC recommendation was for the SMPTE RP 2052‐10‐2010, limited by current captioning regulatory requirements per CTA 608/708. The Work should include timing and buffer models, and performance specifications. The Work should include the development of test materials, including test files and a reference decoder. The Work is expected to result in one or more CTA reports, standards or recommended practices. Follow‐on work could involve investigation of approaches for other (non‐MP4) delivery formats. Ideally, this would consider and, as appropriate, harmonize with or build on, concepts, constructs, or signaling approaches identified for the MP4 delivery environment.
R04.08 DTV Interface Subcommittee R04.08 establishes standards and guidelines for RF, analog and digital interfaces for the purpose of defining connectivity and interoperability among analog/digital TV receivers and other consumer devices that deliver analog and digital A/V and other digital data services.
R04.08 WG05 Component Video Interface Develops and maintains interface, interoperability, measurement and functionality standards, bulletins and other documents related to component video interfaces
R04.08 WG07 Uncompressed A/V Digital Interfaces R4.8WG7 develops and maintains interface, interoperability, measurement and functionality standards, bulletins and other documents related to uncompressed A/V digital interfaces
R04.08 WG10 PlugFests R04.08 WG10 assists CTA in organizing and conducting PlugFest interoperability events between devices, with primary emphasis on devices compliant with CTA-861 (all active revisions).
R04.08 WG11 Common Interface Module R4.8 to create a project on Receiver Specifications Re: ATSC 2.0 Security.
R04.08 WG12 Document Maintenance R04.08 WG12 recommends revision, reaffirmation, stabilization, or withdrawal of R4.8 documents due for 5-year review.
R04.08 WG13 HDR Still Photo Interface The project will develop standards for file formats to support proper display of HDR still photos, including sequence mode photos, on TVs with HDR support.
R06 Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee R06 develops standards, bulletins and other technical publications that address portable and handheld consumer electronics products, and consumer electronics products used in private and commercial vehicles, boats and aircraft.
R06 WG10 Mobile Amplifier Power R06 WG10 develops standards, bulletins and other documents regarding amplifier power for portable, handheld and in-vehicle electronics.
R06 WG14 Mobile Electronics Cabling R06 WG14 defines specifications for cables used in mobile electronics systems.
R06 WG15 Common Interconnection for Portable Media Players R6WG15 will undertake the five year review of ANSI/CTA-2017-A, Common Interconnection for Portable Media Players. CTA-2017-A defines electrical and mechanical properties for a connector that will pass audio, high definition video, high speed/superspeed Universal Serial Bus (USB) and associated metadata signals, control signals, and power between portable electronic devices and in home and in vehicle audio/video systems.
R06 WG20 Personal Sound Amplification R6WG20 develops performance criteria, measurement protocols, and other technical guidance for products that provide personal sound amplification and are under the scope of R6.
R06 WG21 Refurbished Devices This working group will draft definitions and recommendations for the preowned/refurbished market of portable, mobile and handheld devices.
R06 WG22 Wireless Power Transfer
R06.04 Health Fitness & Wellness Subcommittee R06.04 develops standards, recommended practices, and related documentation for consumer health and fitness technology, including fixed, portable and wearable health and fitness devices.
R06.04 WG01 Sleep Monitors R6.4 WG1 will develop standards, bulletins and other documents addressing sleep monitoring technology.
R06.04 WG02 Physical Activity Monitoring Standards R6.4 WG2 will create definitions and performance standards for physical activity monitoring devices.
R06.04 WG03 Consumer EEG Data R6.4 WG3 will create recommended practices and standards for or EEG data exchange and interoperability, to include local transmission, event description, user state description, file storage and group-level meta-data encapsulation.
R07 Consumer Electronics Networking Committee R7 and its subcommittees establish standards and guidelines for all CTA network standardization efforts involving communications between, to, or from consumer electronics devices. R7 also provides coordination for, and encourages cooperation among, all standards development efforts for communications that pass over a home network/system, or communications between, to, or from consumer electronic devices. R7 also provides a forum for non-CTA home network standards formulating bodies interested in working with CTA. R7 also works to ensure that current and future networks can coexist and be used to share information through the use of industry standard interfaces. R7 should coordinate with internationally recognized bodies in this field, for example, ISO, IEC, ATIS, and IETF.
R07 WG02 Document Maintenance R07 WG02 Document Maintenance reviews and recommends reaffirmation, revision or withdrawal of published R7 standards scheduled for 5-year review.
R07 WG13 HCS1 Working Group R07 WG13 develops recommended home control networking protocols based on the LonWorks® protocol.
R07 WG18 Home Networking Security and Privacy Working Group R07 WG18 develops standards, bulletins and other documents addressing security and privacy for home networking.
R07 WG20 VoIP Battery Backup Working Group R7WG20 develops standards, recommended practices, and technical reports related to consumer premises voice service equipment.
R07.08 Modular Communication Interface for Energy Management R07.08 develops standards and bulletins for a modular communication interface for energy management.
R07.08 WG01 Modular Communications Interface R7.8 WG1's scope is to resolve any technical and editorial issues, and to make recommendations to R7.8 on the MCI standard.
R07.08 WG02 CE-EUI R7.8 WG2 makes recommendations to R7.8 concerning standards, bulletins, and other documents that describe how consumer electronic devices communicate energy usage information.
R10 Residential Systems Committee R10 establishes bulletins and standards for design and installation of residential systems.
R10 WG01 Home Theater Audio R10 WG01 develops standards and bulletins related to audio aspects of home theater systems.
R10 WG02 Multi-Room Audio R10 WG02 develops standards and bulletins related to multi-room audio.
R10 WG03 Home Theater Video Design R10 WG03 creates recommended practices and standards for creating high performance video reproduction in a home theater environment.
R10 WG04 Home Theater Lighting R10 WG04 creates recommended practices and standards for lighting a high-performance home theater environment.
R10 WG05 Home Theater HVAC R10 WG05 creates recommended practices and standards for environmental conditioning a high-performance home theater.
R10 WG07 Residential Systems Documentation R10 WG07 creates recommended practices and standards for documenting system installations for electronic systems.
R10 WG08 Maintenance R10 WG08 updates recommended practices and standards for the residential environment.
R10 WG09 Smart Grid Installation R10 WG09 addresses installation and wiring of residential Smart Grid devices.
R10 WG10 Residential Network Administration R10WG10 develops best practices for securing the integrity of the network and privacy of the user's data while ensuring functionality.
RVU Project Steering Committee The RVU Project administers the RVU device certification and compliance program, from receipt and verification of certification reports to issuance of compliance certificates to maintaining a public listing of RVU certified products. The Project is led by a Steering Committee that provides guidance and direction for all RVU Project activities.
TC100 US TAG The IEC TC100 US TAG manages US participation in the International Electrotechnical Commission's Technical Committee 100 (Audio, Video and Multimedia Equipment). The TC100 US TAG's activities are overseen by the US National Committee of the IEC, which is managed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
TC100 US TAG Ad Hoc Group on US TAG Procedures The TC100 US TAG Ad Hoc Group will refine the process regarding the US TAG procedures.
WAVE Test and Compliance Repo This is the public test and compliance test materials repository for the WAVE Test & Compliance Task Force. The repository holds documents, test vectors and test software. Contact with questions regarding the repository. Contact with support issues on the test material itself.